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AHP Hosting   announces support for .NET services from Microsoft.
Find out how you can implement .NET on your ColdFusionMX enabled website.

AHP Hosting   launches new low prices for static html sites with prices as low as $9.99 a month! Add PHP4x, Perl/cgi-bin, Microsoft FrontPage2002 and MySql support for your static sites.

AHP Hosting  recognized that its outstanding support for complicated ColdFusion applications has left our many customers clamoring for additional services. Because of the overwhelming request from many clients AHP Hosting  has decided to offer these other code alternatives. Our ColdFusion Servers will still only support ColdFusion applications with a ceiling of 60 web sites per machine.

The new hosting services are offered on HP Netservers and are not associated with the ColdFusion Servers.

The place for dependable ColdFusion Hosting.

Tired of not getting the service you need? Fed-up with the phone maze? Hate being on hold for long periods of time? Tired of your site being down for days on end? Try AHP Hosting   we are different.

Our servers are lean, mean, hosting machines, only 60 IP's per server.
AHP Hosting   was built by ColdFusion programmers for ColdFusion programmers. Our system administrators have been specifically programming and hosting ColdFusion since its very beginning.

We understand that it is frustrating to have a really great application but no one will let you run the tag you need on a shared server. eed CFX tags? Let us know. You can manage your own Datasources. Add your own email accounts. Got a large database of email addresses? Let AHP Hosting   set you up with a ListServer to handle your large bulk mailings correctly and efficiently.

AHP Hosting   provides the best in the industry for comprehending the ColdFusion hosting environment.
AHP Hosting   does not order prebuilt webservers. Our ColdFusion servers are built to our specifications and configured to run ColdFusion in its most optimum state. Our shared CF servers never have more than 60 web sites on a machine . High traffic sites are moved to 10 Site, CFe account servers before graduating to dedicated solutions. Join the growing ranks of those who have chosen AHP Hosting to manage and maintain their internet presence.

If you are serious about your hosting you will consider us first. "We Are"
The "Host With The ColdFusion Experience!"

AHP Hosting   provides hosting solutions dedicated to ColdFusion. AHP Hosting   is the only host for the serious ColdFusion Developer. AHP Hosting   provides around the clock technical and sales support. We are happy to setup a shared hosting plan or help tailor a dedicated solution for your needs.

* FrontPage2000/2002,PHP4.x & perl are NOT installed on our standard ColdFusion Servers.
These services are available on alternate servers designed for those specific server APIs.
Additional plans ARE available with these services.

We do ColdFusion and we do it better than the rest.
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