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If we can help you build a website or host and maintain an existing website
please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will respond to you ASAP.

Scroll down below the form for a list of some of our clients web sites and comments.
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Just a few of our exisiting clients...

Bankruptcy Sales
South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores
Janlynn Coporation of America
Ram Jack
Lexington Chamber of Commerce
Strictly Animals
Renewable Energy Marketing

Just a few of the comments we get from our customers and viewers of their sites...

Hi I have done a lot of ordering from online sites and I can tell you that your money was well spent on whom ever built your site.  Your online information is so clear that I didn't have a bit of problem placing my order and I will visit again.  I have tried to order from some companys and have just given up because it is so difficult to find their products and find where to order.  Some well know companys have tried to make their catalog so brilliant with products they have forgotten that people just want simple commands. Thanks for a job well done and I will recommend you to others.

In all honesty, you guys have done such a good job of putting this thing together, I would gladly offer to let you to put some kind of a statement on my page saying something like "Web design and hosting by..." on my site.
"ya' know I bug ya' to death and send you e-mails when someone says something isn't quite right with the site. And you've always helped me along the way. Today, I received this awesome compliment and I wanted to share it with you."
I have just sent an order to you via the net and I have to say it was the best and easiest way to shop that I have found since using my computer !!!! I look forward to receiving my order. I am visiting your state in a couple of weeks time, I am attending a needlework weekend at Cape Cod. I know its a long way to come for such a short visit but we only live once !!!!! Thanks again for having such a good site.
I love my web site! I would choose you guys again! No matter how many times I email (it was often at first) I always got a fast friendly HELPFUL response from your staff.
We started our web site in 1996. Being Internet illiterate, we chose our local telephone company to assist us in finding out all about it. They recommended a consultant and we were off and running. Unfortunately, the consulting firm turned sour and the telephone company jerked our partially designed site from them and placed it on their server. Again we ran into a problem in that our telephone company had barely been involved in the Internet and was not prepared to house us.

Alas, what were we to do. We had met them at the TNNA market and had viewed what he had going. We checked their references out with several other companies who were working with him. In desperation, we turned to them for help. They immediately made arrangements for us to be removed from the phone company and placed on their servers. At that point, we had a small undeveloped web site. From there, we are where we are today.

They introduced us to a newsletter, then a secure ordering form, and later to a shopping cart and search vehicle. Whenever our ox was being gored, they were there to help us in every way, technically, physically, mentally, and spiritually. There was never a task that they said "No" too. Had it not been for them, we probably would never have proceeded and finished developing our site.

They are constantly on the watch for problems and they are always there, ready to help you in "your plans" for a better business. What is better is that they make it affordable. As a result, our email business has doubled itself each year since we began in 1996.

We are extremely grateful to them for all that they have done for us.

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