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Shared Servers

Shared Server Hosting Plans

AHP Hosting is your answer! Our ultra-fast Fiber Optic DS3 network connection is just what you need. Not to mention that our support team actually knows ColdFusion. Only a hand full of hosting companies can say that! And AHP Hosting certainly can do this!
We are extremely knowledgeable in ColdFusion and VPS hosting.

AHPHosting, Inc. introduces VPS for Windows® 2003 Servers !
AHP Can now boast dedicated Windows 2003 Web Servers w/ColdFusion 9 on VPS technology.
We deployed Virtuozzo® from Paralles® to bring Windows based Virtual Private Servers
to the ColdFusion Community! Be the first on your IP Block to have your own Windows ColdFusion 9 Dedicated Virtual Private Server for much less than you ever thought possible! You have full control of the Windows desktop with remote desktop connection, AKA Terminal Server. You will have the ability to install, modify or remove any software you wish on your server. You can even restart your server remotely to finish an installation that requires server restart to complete the installation. VPS Servers are available with Plesk® Control Panel.

Our VPS servers are Enterprise level SuperMicro Dual Quad Core Xeon Webservers w/ 800FSB &10k RPM SATA Raid 5 drive arrays.

If you need 500 mbs of space or 25 gigs and a VPS server, we have your hosting solution.

Included in all plans

  • CFSchedule
  • Verity Search
  • Stats & raw logs
  • DSN admin
  • Email admin
  • Virus Blocking
  • Spam Blocking

Plan A

Plan B



LoadBalanced VPS

Available RAM



Burst 4GB RAM

Burst 4GB RAM

2x2 GB RAM

Free SQL2000 Database



10 MB

100 MB


Domain Names



unlimited *

unlimited *

unlimited *

Disk Storage



25 GB

50 GB

50 GB x 2

Static IP Address X

1 IP

1 IPs

2 IPs

2 IPs

POP3 Email Accounts






Site Statistics






CF Admin Access X X Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Data Transfer

10 GB

25 GB

250 GB

500 GB

500 GB

Remote Desktop Access X X Yes Yes Yes
CF 8 X Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set-up Fee $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Pay Monthly







AHPHosting , Inc. Terms of Service.

  1. The sending of unsolicited emails or large amounts of email addresses from your site or using ColdFusion as a spam tool. List servers for large list (5000 addresses or more MUST use the list server). SPAM email will not be tolerated in any fashion. Large lists may produce delivery problems for other sites on Shared CF Servers especially during peak traffic times. This is very inconsiderate of the other users on that server and will not be allowed. You may only send bulk emails to addresses that have opted into your list. NO EXCEPTIONS
  2. See our policy on UUCE.
  3. No Porno!
  4. Absolutely NO DEVELOPMENT on our SHARED servers. These are production servers! Applications hosted on these servers must be pre-tested and proven to function without error. If you need to do development look into our dedicated VPS servers. VPS Servers are built to suit the developers needs.
  5. Payments past due more than 15 days are subject to service interuption without notice to the delinquent party.
    Monthly bandwidth overages are billed on the folowing months billand must be paid with the regular invoice.
    a $25.00 reconnect fee will be charged for any user that has a service interuption due to a late fee account reset. Any account more than 45 days past due will be considered abandoned and will be removed form our servers.
  6. AHPHositng, Inc. will not be held liable for loss of date due to client abondonment.
  7. Unlimited Domains - the number of websites or processes a singel VPS can resonably be expected to manage.
  8. AHPHosting, Inc. reserves the right to terminate any account for any of the above reasons.
  9. AHPHosting, Inc. is not responsible for loss of any data due to network, software or hardware failure or client deletions.


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