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Welcome CFUGS and CFUG Members

CFUG CLUB sites will be hosted free of charge!
AHP Hosting, a proud hosting sponsor of House of Fusion , Fusion Authority and NYCFUG, is now offering free hosting to CFUG CLUB websites on a shared server environment. The offer includes a free mailing list unlimited POP3/SMTP accounts and the use of one 25meg SQL database. There are no setup fees and no monthly fees for accredited CFUG sites only.

Above Offer does not apply to CFUG members sites.

AHP Hosting is also offering active CFUG members an across the board $20.00  MONTHLY discount on CFa* sites. This means for a standard CFa* account CFUG members will pay no more than $29.00 monthly* per site that they host with AHP Hosting. In addition, AHP Hosting will waive
the standard setup fee of 59.00 for the first site in the CFUG member's  Cfa* account. (Successive sites in that account will include the standard
setup fee.) These sites will be hosted on a single shared hosting environment dedicated only to official CFUG sites and sites by active CFUG

*additional fees may be incured for transfer overages and additional requestd services.


Included in all CFUG ClUB plans

  • CFSchedule
  • Verity Search
  • Stats & raw logs
  • Datasource administrator
  • Email account administration
  • 15k Listserve
  • SQL 7.0 25megs
ColdFusion 5.0 or CFMX6.1 CFUG Member Plan


Pay Monthly Per Domain


Disk Storage + 25megs SQL2k Free with account


Monthly Data Transfer

4 gigs

POP3 Email Accounts


Site Traffic Reports
once per day updates


Set-up Fee * first domain only


Add Ons
* Fees are added to base plan fee

 Plan A

ColdFusion Developer Account *^


Able Commerce Store @@
(per Store)


List Server

15k address @ NC

Site Traffic Reports

Not avalable on developer plan

Media Server Free Encoding 5 streams @ $25.00 monthly
MS SQL 7.0 $50.00 setup Unlimited databases ^^ Setup Waved For CFUG Sites 25 megs @ NC
Extra Transfer $10.00 per Gigabyte

SSL Encryption Setup $200.00

Verisign Fee + 200 Setup
POP3 Mail Accounts $1.00 Per POP3 mailbox Monthly

"" Only 10 sites per machine

% % Aliased domains are not allowed on 10 site servers.

++ Aliased domains require a $25.00 setup fee per domain name.
An aliased domain is one that points to the SAME file set as the primary domain name. Any aliased address pointing to another page set within the primary domain name site will not be defined as an alias, will be billed as a standard hosting account and moved to its own IP address. Allowing a user to run multiple sites from the same directory and IP address voids our 60 site max policy and will, of course create server performance degradation.

##  CFH will install a valid key from another host free of charge if a good backup ".pfx" and password are provided.

^^   You may have multiple databases within your storage amount.

@@ Requires you purchase your own license of AbleCommerce

** Running your site on a server using CFLOCK will provide better data security integrity and dependability for your ColdFusion application. Your Scope variables must be properly locked to qualify for hosting on these servers. Hosting plans using CFLOCK servers run $5.00 more per month.

&& Static html hosting sites use a shared IP address by default.

*^ Developer accounts are used to write, develop and test raw ColdFusion code. Each developer account is allowed to test code that has never been run before with one of these accounts. These accounts are not production accounts. Breif outages with the ColdFusion service may occur on this server due to the nature of its deployment. However, running code that has not been tested on a production server can create problems for you and everyone else on the shared server. AHP Hosting keeps a max of 60 sites on its standard shared servers to maximize reliability of the server and the ColdFusion Service. Untested code can ruin this experience for everyone. So sign up for your Developer Account today and pretest all your code in a realtime environment. SandBox Security Management is enabled on these servers to allow RDS access to databases and file directories for your account.

Things AHP Hosting will not allow.

  1. The sending of unsolicited emails or large amounts of email addresses from your site or using ColdFusion as a spam tool. We have list servers for large list (5000 addresses or more MUST use the list server). SPAM email will not be tolerated in any fashion. Large lists may produce delivery problems for other sites on Shared CF Servers especially during peak traffic times. This is very inconsiderate of the other users on that server and will not be allowed. You may only send bulk emails to addresses that have opted into your list. NO EXCEPTIONS
  2. See our policy on UUCE.
  3. Absolutely NO DEVELOPMENT on our servers. These are production servers! Applications hosted on these servers must be pre-tested and proven to function without error.
  4. If you are using server, application, or session scope variables in your code it is recommended that you incorporate the use of CFLOCK . The use of CFLOCK is not mandatory at CFH but it will definitely reduce your profile in the error logs. We do watch our log files and will disable a site if it creates a problem for server performance. The site owner will be provided a copy of errors to correct before the site can be turned back on.
  5. No Adult sites. Don't even bother calling.
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