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Colocated Servers

Colocated Server Services AHP Hosting, Inc. Offers Inexpensive Server Colocation Solutions.

So you have your own server/s and need a dependable place to park them?   Look no further AHP Hosting offers a cut and dried solution to your problem.

Colocation Services

AHP Hosting, Inc. offers Colocation services with the basic nuts and bolts revealed.

Each Colocated server gets 1 IPs and 100 gigs of Bandwidth tranfer.
Additional IPS and transfer are priced accordingly.

Redundant power and network connections are available to your server.

No hidden charges!

Colocation Addons
  • One Time setup $500.00
  • Extra IPs - Blocks of 5 @ $25.00 monthly
  • Extra Transfer- $5.00 per gig over 100 gigs
  • Router - leased cisco Router $250.00 monthly
  • Fortinet Firewall - $500.00 @ setup $150.00 monthly

Terms and use policy
  1. No Spam / UUCE email of any kind.
  2. No Adult Site hosting!
  3. Hosting fees made in advance per month
    (Ask about our yearly payment plans)
  4. 30 day notice before service termination

AHPHosting Inc. reserves the right to remove Colocated servers from our network.
AHPHosting, Inc. requires first months payments in advance with setup fees.

Heres what you get!!

Per Server Monthly Cost
Basic per server cost is $100.00
(Based on a 1U RackMount Server Chassis)

AHP Hosting will connect you to our ultra fast DS3 ineternet connection. 40 gigs of monthly transfer free with the basic fee. Additional transfer is $5.00 per gig.

Dedicated Bandwidth
AHP Hosting can provide you with a dedicated cross connect to your server.  Get dedicated - 375.00 per meg.

Secure Colo Rooms

Thats right you can have your own Secured Facility right  inside ours with 24/7 access to your servers.
For as little as $2000.00 a month plus your CrossConnect you can add as many servers as you want.  And thats all your fees!  The Colo Room and the Cross Connect.  Cant get any easier than that.  (Racks and mounting equipment not included with colo rooms.)


Things AHP Hosting will not allow.

  1. The sending of unsolicited emails or large amounts of email addresses from your site or using ColdFusion as a spam tool. We have list servers for large list (5000 addresses or more MUST use the list server). SPAM email will not be tolerated in any fashion. Large lists may produce delivery problems for other sites on Shared CF Servers especially during peak traffic times. This is very inconsiderate of the other users on that server and will not be allowed. You may only send bulk emails to addresses that have opted into your list. NO EXCEPTIONS
  2. See our policy on UUCE.
  3. Absolutely NO DEVELOPMENT on our servers. These are production servers! Applications hosted on these servers must be pre-tested and proven to function without error.
  4. If you are using server, application, or session scope variables in your code it is recommended that you incorporate the use of CFLOCK . The use of CFLOCK is not mandatory at CFH but it will definitely reduce your profile in the error logs. We do watch our log files and will disable a site if it creates a problem for server performance. The site owner will be provided a copy of errors to correct before the site can be turned back on.
  5. No Adult sites. Don't even bother calling.


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