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In order to provide the best ColdFusion web hosting services to our users, offers users a full range of ColdFusion hosting services, from streaming media to basic POP3 email service. Abuse of any of these services is considered a violation of our Terms of Service.

One of the most serious abuses is using your account to send unsolicited commercial e-mail, otherwise known as " SPAM ." The following are examples of spam and are blatantly contrary to our UUCE policy which is defined herein.

Inappropriate E-Mail Activities:

  • Commercial e-mail: Defined as sending unsolicited commercial e-mails. This is prohibited. You are not permitted to use your account or e-mail alias/account of your domain to send unsolicited commercial e-mail. Using an e-mail address hosted anywhere on servers to collect responses from unsolicited commercial e-mail is prohibited. This also includes using third party e-mail accounts or servers including free ones to promote ("spamvertise") your based domain and redirectors for the same account.
  • Mail Bombing: Defined as sending large volumes of unsolicited e-mail to individuals from your based domain hosting account. This is strictly prohibited
  • Harassment: Defined as sending threatening or harassing e-mail after being requested to stop, is prohibited. Extremely threatening or harassing e-mail never is allowed.
  • Third Party Distribution: The hiring of a third party or advertising agency that distributes bulk emails containing any portion of your based account address. The domain name or even your IP address can be traced to the . This will result in account termination.

    We take a very dim view of SPAM. It is one of the most annoying things encountered on the Internet. Any customer found to be spamming will have his or her account disabled immediately - no questions asked. There is no warning or second chance. If we find that you have violated our Acceptable Usage Policy, we will report you and the incident to the proper local, state and federal authorities and will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.

We are not attempting to censor, nor are we attempting to curtail the business of our customers. But as a whole, SPAMming hurts our members and us more than it helps the one spammer. Do yourself, and us, a favor. DON'T DO IT.

AHP Hosting will pursue all legal actions and fees associated with any cleanup due to customer SPAM activities.

Thanks for your consideration.

AHP Hosting

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